Short version:

I’m a freelance director working commercials, documentaries, tv programmes and audiovisuals in various formats. Collaborating with diferent production companies I’ve worke’d with brands such as HP, Toyota, Osborne, Lexus, Tous, Almirall, as well as TV chanels RTVE, CANAL PLUS, Canal Viajar and TV3, amongst others. I also have my own projects, one of which was in the official selection for best short documentary in the 30 Goya Awards.

I also write scripts, edit, design motion graphics, illustrate, paint and many other abilities that don’t concern us at this time.

Long version:

I was born in Vigo, Galicia in 1978.

I studied Fine Arts in Salamanca in 1996, graduating in painting, design and audiovisual media.

I completed a year of Erasmus in Amsterdam, two years of political science and enrolled in a master’s degree of documentary direction at ESCAC in 2003.

I left ESCAC in 2004 with my first documentary: “Esta noche cenamos con Dios” (Tonight we Dine with God), selected for many international festivals, such as the 49th International Film Festival of Ourense and INPUT, where it represented Spain in the European competition. It has been screened by RTVE and I started to create and direct documentaries for the “Gran Angular” slot on the Spanish public broadcaster RTVE (2005-2008).

I edited the documentary “Chining Me” (WDR/arte, YLE, TNC and others), produced by Lukimedia and Factotum and directed by Enric Folch, and I co-directed, edited and wrote the documentary series “Letters from the Chinese Galaxy”, screened on TV3, YLE, Travel Channel and many other international channels.

At the same time, I was increasing my knowledge of editing and motion graphics in various courses.

I worked as a director and motion graphic designer with the production company Goroka between 2010 and 2014, making many spots and promotion campaigns for RTVE and BTV, and as artistic director of the documentary “Ateneu, la porta de les idees” (Ateneu, the door of Ideas). Meanwhile, I continued developing my own projects, such as “Colombofobia” screened on Canal+.
I directed and edited several chapters for the documentary series “Fiesta World Wide” for RTVE in 2015, produced by Setmágic.

I have been working with the production company Brutal Media since 2013, directing, editing and post-producing many different formats, such as spots, video clips and TV shows, including “Gent de profit” for the prime-time slot on TV3.

I have also been working with different production companies since 2014 as a director for various brands: HP, Lexus, Tous, Toyota, Novartis, Osborne and Almirall, among others.
And I continued to develop my own projects, such as “Trini contra la gravedad” (Trini Against Gravity), which I directed, edited and post-produced, selected to compete at the Goya Awards in 2016.
I am currently developing a TV show about the world of comics for a platform and preparing to shoot a feature-length documentary: “Crusade and the Cross”.